“Commitments on the Fringe of Institutions” conference sounds really cool.

This conference could be really awesome.  I won’t be submitting to this one (because, really, there is such a thing as “too far away from my central research interests,” although honestly, if I had unlimited time…), but you should!

In particular, note how the recent financial crash and the role of “quants” and hedge funds might relate to these topics.



This year’s ICAIL (International Conference in AI and Law) conference in Barcelona (Spain) (http://idt.uab.cat/icail2009/) will be the venue of a workshop, on June 12, devoted to the intersection of legal institutional design, organizational decision analysis, and regulated multi-agent systems: “Commitments on the Fringe of Institutions”.

The theme of the workshop will be situations like on-call intervention, crisis response or company takeovers where regular patterns of behavior might be not clearly applicable even though agents’ decisions might anyhow entail or presume institutional commitments. The analysis of that type of fringe situations is being addressed from different
perspectives: institutional designers may explore how to draw boundaries to accountability, liability, and responsibility; decision analysis experts prefer to discuss the limits of procedural knowledge or analyze individual adaptation to unexpected institutional situations; and researchers on regulated multi-agent systems would be concerned with the
computational enactment of analogous explorations.

The workshop aspires to motivate the exploration of affinities in conceptual frameworks, methodologies, and technological developments of these three communities and thus facilitate possible collaborations. The focus on that particular theme merely intends to make those affinities more explicit. In that spirit, we solicit contributions that address topics like:

- Entitlement and liability in institutional settings

- Models of decision-making under risk

- Heuristics for judgment and decision making

- What stresses novel professionals (in domains such as justice, medicine, etc.) in their on-call duties?

- Defining institutional boundaries

- Emotional and cognitive processes underlying choice

- Could there be institutional guidelines for commitment-making in unexpected situations?

- Intuition in decision making under uncertain conditions

- Environment, institutions, and individuals. Is there any separation?

- Adaptation with bounded rationality

- Norm enforcement in fringe situations: modeling and behavioral issues.

- Representation of governance features.


Submission deadline: April 30, 2009

Date of the workshop: June 12, 2009

You may find further information at the workshop website:



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