Pure evil.

Debt collectors using emotional manipulation to get money from relatives of the dead, while said relatives, you know, don’t actually owe it. “Grief counselors” are involved. In other words, they’re doubtless calling up grieving relatives and saying things like “Sally would have wanted this debt paid.”

H/T basically everyone. Particularly, see the comments on Edge of the West.

Sometimes, only vigilante justice really does the trick.


6 Responses to “Pure evil.”

  1. eric Says:

    My father and I got several calls like that when my mother died. We both greatly enjoyed toying with the callers, explaining how certain we were that our dear departed loved one would have been extremely happy to know that her credit card bills would go unpaid after her demise.

  2. Paul Gowder Says:

    I am going to put it in my will. “Anyone who is stupid enough to pay any debt of mine that they don’t owe is disinherited.”

  3. ben wolfson Says:

    You know, of course, that a clause like that would be ineffective.

  4. Paul Gowder Says:

    What, legally, or financially? Financially, sure, ineffective only because there isn’t likely to be enough money in my estate to make it worthwhile, and if there is, the creditors will get it out of probate anyway. But, you know, if I do have any money, I could probably dump it all in the sort of trust that avoids creditors before croaking. Or, at least, ensure that the creditors *have* to get it from probate, rather than exploiting the relatives who liked me most. And cause them lots of suffering in the process, spending megagallons of legal fees to get through the fortress of malicious paper.

    As for legally… not if written very carefully. Dare you doubt my drafting chops? I can steer the ship of my vengeful will past the cliffs of the rule against perpetuities and all that rot while blindfolded, drunk, and fighting ninjas.

  5. Arvita Says:

    How about ninjas AND robots?

  6. Paul Gowder Says:

    And angry space aliens.

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