Tuesday Kafka/Borges/Byron…

is not actually from Kafka, Borges, or Byron. I suspect, knowing my tastes, that this will actually turn out to be the Tuesday Kafka/Borges/Byron/Wilde/Thompson/Parker/Mencken/Anouilh/Reed/Camus/Wodehouse/Kierkegaard, but, well, consistency… bah. (Perhaps I should. add Emerson to that list? Oh my.)

Today, Anouilh, in the voice of Maxime (in Poor Bitos) explains democracy to us in a way that feels surprisingly insightful…

Don’t worry, those fellows were great talkers. The problem was holding the floor for as long as you could. The least interruption was fatal. When they cut into your speeches they cut off your head as well. That was made very clear on the 9th Thermidor. How do you suppose they got Robispierre? By making enough noise to drown his voice. The second he couldn’t talk any more, he was dead. Long live democracy, which gives us the spoken word.



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