A blazing roundup of things that (almost) have nothing whatsoever to do with love.

1. I love that various decent Senators are introducing a bill to keep the government from casually dismissing litigation by merely claiming that some piece of classified information might even for a nanosecond be less than 100 feet under the dirt.

2. Douglas Portmore apparently loves to confuse his readers with questions about superogation that seem simple on the surface but that, as the comments suggest, are more difficult.

3. I definitely love Rich Puchalsky, for actually making good on John Holbo’s Lewd and Prude wit. (There are more beyond the direct-linked comment: keep reading! Also, H/T Jacob.)

4. Love is apparently countercyclical, because, get this, when people have nothing better to do with their time (because they’ve been fired), they start looking for dates online. Or, perhaps, their partners all dumped them when they lost their jobs, so they are single again.

5. I also love Will Roberts. Here is what he has to say on the free market. It starts as follows:

Are ethics and the free market system irreconcilable?

Certainly not; they can be easily reconciled by the simple realization that “the free market system” is as much a figment of the imagination as are unicorns and hippogriffs. Hence, anything at all can be reconciled with “the free market system,” so long as one’s imagination is rich enough.

But the end is even better. (Omitted: lots of actual reasoning in the middle)

As John Stuart Mill happily put it, “Wars, and the destruction they cause, are now usually confined, in almost every country, to those distant and outlying possessions at which it comes into contact with savages.” But the “savages” live next door, and within each of us, also. Whatever ethics is suitable for these border wars is not easily integrated into the etiquette of the market or the ethics of salesmanship. Remembering this, or forgetting it, is what is at stake in the imaginary flight to “the free market system.”

Go read the whole thing!

6. Gays and lesbians love one another too. Will the philosophers get together and take a stand against universities who discriminate against homosexuals? I sure hope so. See the discussion at Brian Leiter’s blog.

7. Driftglass channels Hunter S. Thompson. Need we say what my emotions are about this?

Suddenly the armor of public delusion falls away, the Emperor’s New Armani disappears in a blast wave of unrebuttable failure, and the Great Man upon the throne is revealed to be what he always was: a half-bright, smirking fucknozzle whose private depravities — ingrained by repetition and doctrine and decades of privileged-fueled carte blanche — had become public behaviors which we were all strongly encouraged to politely ignore.

The greed and sadism, the pathological lying, the arrogance and ignorance and rapacious sense of entitlement…all now out caught in the harsh and unforgiving spotlight that real crisis brings and delivered with such reeking volume and velocity that even the Pig People can only drown it out by Turning Rush Up loud enough to induce seizures.

What we are finally getting a good, strong whiff of the gangrenous rot underneath the shiny facades on Wall Street. Seeing that, while out here in the fields, we fought for our meals, in the boardrooms, the meals are choppered in from that lovely little Italian place.

On the coast.

Of Italy.

Because why the fuck not?

When the only people you know are rich, the only America you see is served to you in one-page executive summary form and read in comfort as you jet between Sun Valley and Davos, and the only people you speak with tell you how completely you have earned every lavish perk and comfort, why not go wild?

You are a World-Saver. A Decider. A Superman.

Master of a Universe where wealth bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

Where money understands all.
Forgives all.
Excuses all.

(H/T Comrade Physioprof)


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