Free fun gratuitous violence! Tomorrow! San Francisco!

San Francisco VD-day pillow fight. 6pm. Justin Herman Plaza (at Market St and Embarcadero). My spies are very effective.


7 Responses to “Free fun gratuitous violence! Tomorrow! San Francisco!”

  1. ben wolfson Says:

    Confirming that SF is a city for people who really miss summer camp and/or being under ten.

    And did you really mean to write “VD-day”?

  2. Paul Gowder Says:

    Yes! It’s a traditional formulation. Venereal disease, y’know.

    Also, I totally miss being under ten. Don’t you?

  3. ben wolfson Says:

    Yes, I know about veneral disease. That’s why I asked.

    I don’t really miss being under ten.

  4. Mike Says:

    I hated being a kid. More adults controlled me then than control me now – which is pretty much my freedom test.

  5. Paul Gowder Says:

    But children have so many fewer and simpler desires: I actually think adults are more controlled than children, because adults have many more desires to satisfy, and many more ways in which they are told “no” by other adults in the course of trying to satisfy them.

  6. Mike Says:

    adults have many more desires to satisfy

    Not this adult. I freed myself from most human desires years ago. Books and sex is about all I need. So, yeah, I need to earn enough money for books and sex. I have no desire to drive a nice car or live in a big home, though.

    Plus, as a kid, I was cursed with an awareness of reality. Even during kindergarten I knew what poor meant, and I knew we were poor.

  7. eric Says:

    Being under ten is much more fun when you’re over 40.

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