Evidence for the claims made in the previous post.

Frank Pasquale has a truly excellent post (as his posts usually are) on ConOp about the purchase of internships. Yes, the internship scam has really gotten this bad: people pay thousands and thousands of dollars to secure the internships that smooth their way into careers. I have posted earlier about how horribly regressive and anti-social mobility unpaid internships are (in addition to the fact that they probably violate the Fair Labor Standards Act), but the notion that one must pay to acquire one just makes it that much vastly, horribly, worse.

And that’s not even the worst of it. Apparently the plutocrats now have their own social network (quoting a UAE journalist):

A prime example is the social network A Small World, known by those outside its gates as Snobster. The network (which received a large start-up investment from the film producer Harvey Weinstein) relies on cool rather than cash as the determining factor for membership, in an attempt to create that magical mix that keeps many a nightclub in business: brilliant and beautiful side by side with the rich and clueless.

I think this is just great. It’s a wonderful development. Because then, when we have the revolution, there will be a nice database for us to send straight to the executioners.

I do confess that it would be terribly amusing to join Snobster, however, just to have my beliefs about rich idiots confirmed. Surely I’m within a couple of degrees of it. Come on, people. Michael F., or any of the other clubbish friends of a certain ex, are you reading? No? How about Alberto? Can you get your friend who knows Paris Hilton to get me in? Work with me on this. Jonathan? Are you reading?

(They are not the only people who should be taken out and shot..)


5 Responses to “Evidence for the claims made in the previous post.”

  1. Mike Says:

    Google Wall Street internships and lacrosse. Now that’s the club to be in.

  2. Paul Gowder Says:

    Oh my fucking god. Can we please shoot these people? Pretty please?

  3. Mike Says:


  4. Frank Says:

    Here’s a glimmer of hope–I talked to someone at Yale Law admissions today, and they now require applicants to disclose if they’ve paid for a test prep course, or had help preparing their application.

    Hopefully this will become an industry standard.

  5. Paul Gowder Says:

    That is a glimmer of hope indeed.

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