And you thought George W. Bush took it easy…

From an early Irish legal text:

There is moreover a weekly order in the duties of the king, i.e., Sunday for drinking ale, for he is not a rightful ruler who does not promise liquor for each Sunday; Monday for adjudication, for adjusting disputes between tuatha [people of the local community]; Tuesday for playing chess; Wednesday for watching greyhounds course; Thursday for conjugal duties; Friday for horse racing; Saturday for judgments.

Oh, to be a king!

(Translation from Marilyn Gerriets. 1988. “The King as Judge in Early Ireland.” Celtica 20:29-52, with slight spelling-Americanization by me.)


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  1. retired urologist Says:

    I read your post on OB about your fast food bias experience, and looked you up (oops … dangling preposition. Since you’re a “John Harvard” –WTF kind of mascot is that? Why don’t they get something cool, like a Blue Devil? — you’re no doubt familiar with story of the Cajun asking for directions at Harvard).

    I can’t believe how similar the king’s schedule is to that of the white-collar prison in the joke; you know, the one where the punch-line is, “Hmm … you may not like Thursdays.”

    I only go the fast-food route on trips, but when I order, I always get the combo. It’s not because *I’m* stupid, but because the *employees* are stupid. They can push one button for the combo, but when you start giving them multiple opportunities to spaz, probability theory says they will.

    If the extra $1.61 limits my lifestyle, it’s probably because somehow I got all the way through Duke undergrad and med school without having an economics course. We probably don’t have much in common, so I’m going to put your site on my Blogroll (I only found out what that means last week). BTW (there’s another one I recently picked up; I was delighted to discover that it had nothing to do with wiping the butt, when someone used it in a comment about me), since I live in Lafayette, LA, I am a Blue Devil during basketball season, and a Bengal Tiger during football season, thereby doubling my chances at a national championship.

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