Blogopoliticalschadenfreude II

Culture 11 follows Pajamas Media into oblivion.

And it looks like I won’t even be deprived of the one worthwhile thing on that site, namely the occasional [rare] good Ladyblog post.

Speaking of the Culture 11 blogs. I do so very hope to hear the twisting wracked death rattle of Postmodern Conservative soonest. It intellectually is what its parent company is financially: totally bankrupt. Combining postmodern and conservative is like combining enema and lye.* That blog is the most potent concentration of pure braindeadness known to mankind outside a purely hypothetical Nth dimension on which every Terry Schiavo in every possible universe is compressed into a single euclidean point. Selah.

I am too lazy to find and embed an mp3 of “Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead,” but it is understood that the reader will hum along at this point regardless.

* I am unduly impressed by my own one-liners. Perhaps this means that I am merely a clever-clog. So it goes. But I want praise for the one-liners. Nobody ever quotes them. Why? You can’t tell me they’re not good. Physioprof, are you reading? That line was born for you to quote. I’ve even edited it — twice! — to make it even pithier. Admittedly, it’s not like there’s a shortage: even slightly regular readers will know that I have an endless Jovian carafe of verbal knives. But I can’t just keep quoting my own one-liners. Well, I can, but it becomes undignified after a certain point. Love me. This has been your cry for help. We now return you to your regularly scheduled acidblogging.**

** I do not know whether it reflects worse on my ever-increasing cynicism or on the world around me that I feel the need to explicitly point out that the previous footnote was meant to be humorous. I can’t figure out which group is larger: those who don’t get the jokes on this blog or those who get them and choose to ignore them.***

*** But I still want that line to be quoted.


6 Responses to “Blogopoliticalschadenfreude II”

  1. Daniel Goldberg Says:

    Hey, I’ve told you on numerous occasions that “word salad? is a personal fave of mine.

  2. Jillian Bandes Says:

    How could Ladyblog be improved? We try to get a variety of stuff in there, from just politics to girl-mag-style commentary. Would you like to see more of one or the other? Or….WHO would you like to see more of? Ect.

  3. Paul Gowder Says:

    Daniel, but I kind of stole that term from the psych literature on schizophrenia!

    Jillian, well, leaving aside political gripes, I just think Ladyblog seems to be in a bit of a rut — it’s hard to pin it down, exactly, but the posts don’t, well, grip very often. They mostly seem to recite uncontroversial homilies against stupid things in the media. Maybe a blog just needs a little more piss and vinegar to be compelling.

  4. Daniel Goldberg Says:

    Yes, but you are using it in an entirely new one. Wittgenstein and descriptivism and all. ;)

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