Finally, capitalism meets my demand for something!

Clerk: Do you have a Borders rewards card?

Paul: Yeah, but I never read the e-mails, so I have no idea if I’m getting anything out of it.

C: If you read the e-mails, you’d get something out of it. Typically coupons that you can print out and bring in.

P: (grimacing at thought of printing off reams of paper) Can I download them to my iphone and bring them in that way?

C: Yes!

P: (jaw drops) Really?

C: Many people do that. As long as we can read the bar code.

P: (staggers out with peals of delighted giggles)

This is a true story!! At no point was I shat upon by fleets of winged pigs delivering snowshoes to hell!!

There is actually a major consumer retailer willing to accommodate my paperfree technerd lifestyle! (At least in Silicon Valley.)

Give money to these people. NOW!!!


2 Responses to “Finally, capitalism meets my demand for something!”

  1. Daniel Goldberg Says:

    Airlines do this too. They now have scanners at the security checkpoint and even the gate sometimes which read your boarding pass directly from your PDA.

  2. Peach Tree City Garage Door Says:

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