Another police killing. Annette Garcia, R.I.P.

Annette Garcia was killed by police in Riverside County.

No videotape of this one, alas, but as far as I can piece together, the police were there on a domestic violence call (it’s not totally clear whether she was the victim or the perpetrator, but from the linked report, it sounds like she was the victim).

Annette Garcia, a mother three, was shot to death by Riverside Sheriffs after they received calls that she was suicidal and under duress due to a marriage dispute. Reports by the family and witnesses report that she posed no harm to the officers involved and was shot at six times until a bullet finally hit her in the back as she tried to run for cover.

That’s right, six shots at her back as she was running away. Reportedly, she was carrying a knife, which will obviously be the police story, knife wielding maniac posing threat to the community or some such [insert appropriate noun here].

Other stories say the call was about a suicide threat. Guess the police mooted that one, eh?

She was also apparently a member of the Watsonville Brown Berets, a widely-praised left-wing community activist organization for Latino youth.

Luis Alejo, one of the group’s founding members, said of the new Brown Berets “We were a group of young people who were tired of injustices in our community and the lack of political representation. We decided to educate and take power for ourselves.” In order to address the increasing gang violence, the Watsonville Brown Berets organized an annual march that passed through all the different barrios of Watsonville in order to bring the message of Peace and Unity.[citation needed] In doing this, the Brown Berets believed that young people involved in gangs could redirect that energy into more constructive avenues — cultural awareness and social-political activism leading to grassroots local change.

Since then, the group has established firm relations with other left-wing community organizations such as Students Against War (UCSC), Barrios Unidos, and the Resource Center for Non-Violence of Santa Cruz. In 2004, the Watsonville Brown Berets opened “Liberation School”, which provides tutoring and career guidance as well as an extensive revolutionary library.

Watsonville city council member Oscar Rios said, “The Watsonville Brown Berets have been one of the strongest youth organizations in this community and have led by example by providing our young people with constructive alternatives and the tools to make progressive change.”[citation needed]

There are protests in Riverside County.


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  1. Tori Pavia Says:

    Annette Garcia Was My Tia;;
    It Was Really Hard To Get Over Her Death;
    We Also Lost Her Sister To Cancer.

    R.i.P Tia Annette We Love Yew “+& Miss Yew.!<3

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