Noted with minimal comment and much head-shaking

This is why I will never truly be a nerd:

Although, it suggests another defense of catgirls, which is to design catgirls that help guys learn to deal with women better.

From a discussion of the problems of navigating real vs. artificial sex partners after The Singularity (TM). Natch.

Relatedly: best one-sentence lead ever. The rest of the piece is worth reading too, although not on a laptop. Pick something that’s a little harder to throw across the room.

Perhaps that’s why we need The Singularity (TM): because only then will we have a computer powerful enough to understand What Women Want (TM), probably by modeling the entire physical state of the universe from the big bang onward and reducing lust to physics.

Or, I dunno, we could actually pay attention to what Simone de Beauvoir was saying decades and decades ago and stop driveling about the notion that women are somehow so much more mysterious than men, a notion which is purely an artifact of the fact that those who set the terms of the discussion are, in fact, men. Humans are mysterious and confused and fucked up and have contradictory impulses and can’t relate to one another. That this fact gets processed in people’s brains as “we can’t understand what women want” is purely an artifact of the fact that men are doing the talking, and are talking about what matters to us, namely, getting laid. And the fact that women are now doing research in this paradigm does not make the paradigm less dominant.


6 Responses to “Noted with minimal comment and much head-shaking”

  1. Daniel Goldberg Says:

    This is why I will never truly be a nerd.

    Dude, I hate to break it to you, but that train sailed long ago.

  2. Claire Stein Says:

    I have to agree with Daniel G. above.

  3. mike Says:

    i dont think you’re a nerd.

    giving women what they want is not hard. beining in a relationship is. best friends often dont remain so after being roommates. relationships are alot like that. its not like gay men dont have drama. if all guys want is to get laid, why do gay men have relationship problems?

    its the need to possess that causes the static.

  4. Phoebe Says:

    The comments to that article, stuff like ‘women want chocolate’ or ‘women want shoes’ or ‘women want rich men,’ from people (men, presumably) trying, failing, to be funny were… special. After reading a few of those comments, I was reminded why I’d initially come to the conclusion that ‘(straight) women want hot guys’ is a step in the feminist direction.

  5. Paul Gowder Says:

    Heh, certainly as compared to “women want shoes.”

    I’m just not sure why we can’t say “women and men want lots of confusing stuff.” Generalization and reduction don’t seem useful here. Don’t tell my rational choice theory buddies.

    Geez, though, I hadn’t read the comments. Glancing over them now, however, there is at least one intelligent one. I’m glad someone in the world reads Beauvoir.

  6. Mike Says:

    I’m just not sure why we can’t say “women and men want lots of confusing stuff.”

    The problem with these discussions is the very nature of the question. “What do women want?” What does that mean?

    What does a woman want for breakfast, for lunch, for Valentine’s Day?

    People want different things at different times and for different reasons. People are attempting to satisfy different needs at different times.

    “What do women [who just broke up and are at bars] want?” would have a different answer than, “What do women [who just found out their pregnant] want?”

    The questions suck because of the sloppy discussions people have about “human nature.” Well, “human nature” is x. WTF? Really? It’s that simple?!

    Or the false nature-nurture dichotomy. It’s one or the other? Really? It’s that simple?!

    So we shouldn’t be surprised that this slovenly thinking has spilled over into to relationship discussions.

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