The point of technology is obviously to keep the poors in their place.

There’s a very odd discussion reproduced on Daniel’s blog about the use of neuroimaging to catch malingerers. It seems to me that Daniel is pretty clearly right, and I don’t have too much to add beyond what he said. But I will say this: it does seem rather problematic to leap to the most — for lack of a better word — fanatically capitalist use of a technology, as if the most important thing that neuroimaging might solve is catching a few people who are trying to cheat their way out of the workforce and onto SSI, or file workers comp claims or something. There’s a certain kind of mindset that sees this as a problem, that sees welfare cheats and frivolous personal injury lawsuits hiding under every bush, and that, for some bizarre reason, sees this as a worse problem than the serious ills of the world. It’s a matter of priorities.


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