Oh the things people do…

1. As someone who will probably go on both the law and political science job markets when I finally descend upon the academic job market (and let me just insert a little atheistic prayer to the economy to recover by then — or perhaps I should do a little voodoo, dancing around and spitting rum on everything, Papa Legba, help me out here), I find this chart, which shows both law and political science professors right up at the top of hotness, to be quite gratifying.

2. It seems to me that an anti-baby-theft-device is called “a baby.” But we have discussed this before.

3. Suicide Girls has an essay on the evolution of religion. Yes, Suicide Girls. Sadly, it’s not written by an actual Suicide Girl, otherwise I would have to find out where said Suicide Girl is, learn to play the guitar, and plant myself below her window playing love songs.

4. Perhaps I could get said fictional Suicide Girl to touch me.

5. On the subject of atheism, I’m rather not convinced that being an atheist entails a one-sided condemnation of Israel in the latest bloodshed. Basic human decency entails a two-sided condemnation.

6. A slew of computational modeling papers in poli sci. In my experience, most such papers turn out to be deeply disappointing, usually for the same reasons (freaky un-thought-out modeling choices being the number one), but I haven’t read this collection.

7. I take back the praise I offered for envy. There is a contemptible blog post out there which I will not link, because I don’t want its poison to be spread any further, where an ex-lawyer (who was, alas, only a year behind me at HLS, though I don’t know him) decides to piss on a dear friend of mine for no better reason than that she has accomplished a series of good things and for that reason has had a further series of good things happen to her, and his little ego feels threatened. It includes, among other embarrassments, an analysis of the comparative impressiveness of various bar passage profiles, to wit, his and hers. Surprisingly, it does not include his LSAT scores or his penis size. This is probably because both are puny; he strikes me as rather the type who could not resist uttering them were they large or even (like his bar passage record) squarely average.


8. Still more calls for papers. Princeton graduate conference in political theory, d/l Jan. 31, conference Apr. 17-18. Northwestern University Society for Ethical and Political Philosophy, d/l Feb. 15, conf. Apr. 23-25. mutter… mutter… need to dig through the works-in-progress pile fairly quickly to see if anything is worth submitting to this spring’s round of conferences.


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