The most bizarre book in the world:

Dancing with Cats. I own this book; I bought it as a kid because it was too funny not to have. Sadly, I have no idea where my copy is. Probably in Los Angeles somewhere. Or in a storage area in Boise, ID. (Yes, I have a storage area in Boise, ID. Don’t ask.) It amazes me that it has 39 reviews on


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  1. homais Says:

    I read the page for that and thought, for a moment, that I was high. Then what I was reading would have made sense.

  2. Paul Gowder Says:

    We should all be so lucky. But no. Someone actually took pictures of eagleshit insane people dancing with their cats and published them into a book, which has probably sold millions of copies to the cat ladies of the world.

  3. Matt Says:

    I actually liked the “Why cats paint” and the “Why paint Cats” book by the same people even more, especially the second one.

    I also have a storage space of sorts in Boise, Idaho though less and less is stored there lately. In my case, though, it’s my mom’s garage. I’d be curious to know what your excuse is.

  4. Arvita Says:

    I think the storage space in ID is step three in the process of becoming a militia member:

    Step 1: Buy guns and ammunition; Subscribe to Guns & Ammo
    Step 2: Wear woodland camo in town
    Step 3: Store Guns, Ammo, provisions, and books on cat dancing against the day that armageddon reigns
    Step 4: Put dead animal heads up in your house
    Step 5: Go to the local chapter meeting

    The only question now is when is Paul going to redecorate?

  5. Paul Gowder Says:

    Haha… the storage space is in ID is a leftover from when I lived in Eastern Oregon. I quit my job there and moved on a whim to New Orleans (this was in 2003), but didn’t expect to have any space, so stuck my stuff in Idaho. I fetched the important stuff (books) a couple years later, but the unimportant stuff (everything else) is still gathering dust, at 20 bucks a month… probably way below market rate even there now, so I kinda want to hold onto it.

  6. Paul Gowder Says:

    Why Paint Cats? Is there really a Why Paint Cats? Ok, that one makes me very, very happy. I’m going to go paint a cat now.

  7. Jason W. Says:

    Let me just chime in many days later that my family also had this book when I was in high school, maybe earlier. I have no idea where we got it. Probably the same place we got the book that was “written by a cat” about … um, his life as a cat, I suppose.

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