Taibbi on the Moustache! Joy! Joy!

Happy day! Matt Taibbi has written another savage review of a Tom Friedman book!

My favorite part is the death blow at the end:

So, yes, Friedman is suddenly an environmentalist of sorts.

What the fuck else is he going to be? All the other ideas he spent the last ten years humping have been blown to hell. Color me unimpressed that he scrounged one more thing to sell out of the smoldering, discredited wreck that should be his career; that he had the good sense to quickly reinvent himself before angry Gods remembered to dash his brains out with a lightning bolt. But better late than never, I suppose. Or as Friedman might say, “Better two cell phones than a fish in your zipper.”


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  1. ben wolfson Says:

    The cartoon is pretty nice, too.

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