Eat your heart out, Phoebe Maltz

As already noted, Phoebe has confessed the Universal Grad Student Vice, to wit, sub-$5.00 books. However, I am now the Ultimate Vice-Shopper, because my only-slighty-more-than-$5.00 Woody Allen movies have arrived. For $104.49, I now own copies of Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex but Were Afraid to Ask (I’m so bad at capitalizing titles), Stardust Memories, Sleeper, Manhattan, Love and Death (surely a title entitled to some kind of award from the department of redundancy department), Interiors, Bananas, Annie Hall, Zelig, Radio Days, The Purple Rose of Cairo, A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy, Hannah and her Sisters, Broadway Danny Rose, Shadows and Fog, September, Crimes and Misdemeanors, Another Woman, (oh dear, I seem to have given in to the hated oxford comma) and Alice. That comes out to $5.53 per wonderful movie — only slighly more than renting. And is sold out of them, so nobody else can have it. (Plus, they can’t POSSIBLY be making a profit on that, so I doubt it’ll come back.) I win! Muhahahahaha.


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