Memo to Ben Stein: Jesusey college in Illinois forbids biology professor from teaching evolution. I assume that you will be making a movie about this? (Of course, the detailed facts are more complicated, but the link-sentence is close enough.)

It’s an interesting question of antidiscrimination law whether it might be permissible to refuse to hire a graduate of a religious college on the grounds that such people are inadequately educated and kept deliberately clueless, even independent of beliefs about the stupidity of people who endorse such doctrines or go to such places.* For example, the school in question forbade the biology professor from teaching intro biology citing the following principle:

“The Old Testament and the New Testament Scriptures, given by plenary inspiration, contain all truth necessary to faith and Christian living.”

If such a principle can be used to forbid the teaching of evolution in biology, what other kinds of ignorance does it support?

* I confess that I think it ought to be legal to discriminate against the religious in general on grounds of stupidity. It ought not, however, to be legal to discriminate *between* religions, once one admits them in general.


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