Humanity still fucked up, study finds.

Someone replicated (in slightly more ethically conscious fashion) the Milgram experiments. Results? Zap. Zap. Zap.


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  1. Mike Says:

    Other studies have shown that the rate of compliance decreases when there the subject is with someone who dissents. People simply lack the courage to do the right thing unless someone else tells them to. In a sense, the person who refuses to obey the authority figure is still compliant.

    He either obeys the authority figure; or he “reaches a consensus” with the dissenter to disobey. Which seems a fuck whole lot like obeying the dissenter.

    In some sense, the follow-up studies show that people are at least open to reason. “Hey, you mean we really shouldn’t keep buzzing this guy just because someone tells us too? Yeah, you’re right. Let’s stop.”

    Which should help a rationalist like yourself not become totally dissonant.

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