That it ought to be the law that if no waiter appears to bring the the check within a certain reasonable time after one is finished eating, one need not pay for the meal.


3 Responses to “Resolved:”

  1. ben wolfson Says:

    This is a terrible idea. The check should be brought when requested and not before.

  2. Mike Says:

    I waited tables for two years. Knowing when to bring the check isn’t as obvious as you’d think.

    If it looks like people are having a good time and it’s not busy, usually I’d hold onto the check to give the people time to chat. Often, bringing the check would remind people they had other things to do; though it seemed they’d rather stay and chat. Also, some would take it as an insult….. So it’d cost me part of my tip.

    And not everyone would ask for the check….. So waiting for someone to request the check could cost someone part of his tip.

  3. ben wolfson Says:

    Right, what’s really necessary is a firm convention about this.

    In (avert your eyes, Mike, I’m about to exclude people) Europe, as far as I’m aware, the check isn’t brought until requested, and since this is known, it is requested. I prefer this arrangement, frankly, since having the check brought to you both is a reminder that you have to leave and can seem as if the restaurant is trying to get rid of you (which if you’re sitting around forever it might!). It’s intrusive.

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