in lima. tired.

and thinking about chess, bizarrely.  I’ve probably lost all the games in a correspondence tournament that I was playing in (and had advanced to the second round) on time, damnit.  But my Argentine chess record is a respectable 4-2, and the 2 only came because I lost concentration and started blundering against a totally inferior player (3 of those wins are also against that guy, who I just wiped off the board with zeuslike brutality in two games, then squeaked out a win in the third after casually blundering a rook with a queen-for piece winning combination, promptly sacrificed the queen back for the piece and the rook and an endgame that was easily won w/ my superior technique.  then blundered even worse in the last two games, and came up with no miracle brilliancies)


christ I hope there are coffeeshops open in LA when I land.  Or friends that I can drag from parties, hungover stupors, etc.  If I don’t have a civilized conversation soon I may walk down the street screaming.


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