Help. Fatal internet withdrawal. Indeed, human contact withdrawal altogether.

I basically haven´t spoken to anyone except my mother for six days, with the sadly brief exception of a cute new yorker at the hotel pool.  I feel like a hermit.  I´m sitting in the airport, having spent almost the last of my pesos to get my hands on an internet connected computer, about to get on something like 12 hours of flying plus satan-only-knows how much layover time in Lima, arriving back in estados unidos in the morning.  At which point I shall promptly call LA friends until I find someone with whom to have a civilized conversation, or flee to the most hipsterish coffeeshop I can find.


I had an awkward moment in the airport: I had to approach the Hasidic Jew I saw and ask him how he could possibly survive in a country that, in addition to the dulce de leche, puts ham in EVERYTHING.  Unfortunately, we didn´t have enough common linguistic turf to follow that opener up with anything except awkward-smile-wave-flee.  Which is a shame: it would have been interesting to get his observations about Argentina in general.

Also, for some reason, I really need to read some Kierkegaard (not for the usual reason, indeed, I don´t know why), and didn´t bring any.

Finally, the following URL is delightful.  It´s h/t Phoebe, and this spanish keyboard doesn{t have any obvious angle brackets, rather crippling my html-fu, so you´ll just have to copy and paste it in.;

Oh, wait, I can cheat.  Ok, THIS is delightful, h/t PHOEBE (who should visit CALIFORNIA in Jan., not somewhere cold, silly non-west-coaster.)


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  1. Mike Says:

    Man, you should have gone out and worked game. RooshV has a whole section on Argentina:

    You know….. Shame is a funny thing….. We often refuse to do something because we might be embarrassed….. yet why should complete strangers have that power over us? It’s hardly rational, since even if strangers thing badly of us; it won’t matter: We won’t see them again. So long as we do not break the law or violate some serious more that gets one jumped or mugged; our actions have no negative consequences.

    I find that going somewhere that no one will ever see me again is freedom. Sure, there is the emotional aspect of shame to wrestle with. But like all emotions, conquering it is worth the fight.

    I have concluded that shame is part of slave morality. I have thus been working to become shameless. I’m far from there, but getting closer.

  2. Paul Gowder Says:

    Hah, Mike, mon ami, my spanish is just about sufficient for traversing the subway without incident and ordering an endless stream of submarinos. It is not sufficient for charm or GameTM.

    But I do agree with you about the uselessness of shame. This is a subject that perhaps will receive further thought, writing from me. Not right now, though, as I’m in an airport in Lima, delirious with exhaustion, general travel irritation as well as specific irritation at various sources, drinking an unwanted coke that was the price of internet access and which will probably keep me from sleeping on the eight-hour ordeal flight back to LA, etc. Bleaugh.

    (If you’re interested in lunch on 1-1/1-2, incidentally, totally drop me a call or text — my new number is on my facebook profile.)

  3. Mike Says:

    When I was in Germany, the German girls would all say, “Let me practice my English on you.” In fact, I had insecurity about being an American. (What do you call someone who speaks two language? Bilingual. one language? American.)

    Of course, everyone in Germany wanted to speak English to me, and most thought it was literally frivolous that I was learning Germany (which I abandoned). Even smart chicks felt this way. I was talking to one who asked me my favorite philosopher. When I say, Wittgenstein, she said, “The early or late.” Holy shit! Too bad she didn’t want a green card!!! ;) Plus, I had really shitty game when I was in Germany. So many missed opportunities.

    So this whole fascination with needing to speak a foreign language is more a Stuff White People Like thing than anything.

    Anyhow, going out in a foreign land gives girls a great reason to talk to you – to practice their English! You can work your game and be alpha by giving English lessons! Then make those lessons risque. The possibilities are endless.

  4. Mike Says:

    Oh and 1/1 or 1/2 works great. It’s 11:30 and I’m re-reading a book on body language, so I won’t be hung over. 1/1 you’ll probably be grumpier than usual, so Friday is probably best. I’m down either day, though.

  5. Anna Says:

    Funny episode with the Hasidic Jew. what do you mean linguistic turf? He doesn’t speak English? And I totally understand what you mean by having no human contact! I have those kinds of days too, although not as long as six days.

  6. Paul Gowder Says:

    Mike, cool, let’s plan for tomorrow.
    Anna: exactly. Or, at least, not much English. I really need to buff up my nonexistent languages.

  7. ben wolfson Says:

    Note that the Kundera piece is by the guy who wrote “Argentina on Two Steaks a Day” and gave the best layman’s description of the Alameda-Weehawken burrito tunnel.

  8. ben wolfson Says:

    So this whole fascination with needing to speak a foreign language is more a Stuff White People Like thing than anything.

    Interesting that this conclusion follows from Mike’s inference that it isn’t necessary to get laid. Mike: always who he is.

  9. Paul Gowder Says:

    Who is this guy?! I hadn’t noticed that this was the same person as the steak thing. He is possibly my new favorite blogger.

  10. Paul Gowder Says:

    Also, Ben and Mike, one day I am going to get you into the same room and give you both killer noogies until you hug and weep with solidarity and deep personal affinity.

  11. Mike Says:

    Interesting that this conclusion follows from Mike’s inference that it isn’t necessary to get laid

    Zing! But not totally true.

    I used to actually feel somewhat insecure about being monolingual. Then I realized that people who who care about such things are the type of people I don’t like anyway. And there’s so sour grapes thing going on, since I’m more than smart enough to learn a foreign language. I just don’t care to, and if people think that makes me bad, then by definition I would not like such a person. Besides, how many nit-wits speak German but even know Wittgenstein? So learning a foreign language is merely a superficial way of demonstrating knowledge and culture. It’s utterly frivolous, which, in fact, is why upper classes take such pride in knowing foreign languages, especially French – ala Theory of the Leisure Class.

    But, yeah, you’re sort of right… If hot German girls who study Wittgenstein think it’s silly for you to learn German….. Why bother? To impress some douches or ice princesses at a Stuff White People Like dinner party? You can keep the monopoly on that market!

  12. Mike Says:

    I am going to get you into the same room and give you both killer noogies until you hug and weep with solidarity and deep personal affinity

    Ben would at least be pleased to know that I don’t confuse my Armagnac with Cognac. Though…….. I do think it’s sort of silly to insist that only Cognac be called Cognac.

    Then again, one could have a very interesting conversation about when the region should be the defining characteristic, i.e., Champagne is different from sparking wine, even if both bottles taste the same. Is it taste or region? And if it must be region, why? Because some cartels enacted laws making it so?

    I’m not as flip about disregarding labels as others………. But I do think we should subject the labels to some inquiry, and not simply say: “That’s what they are called. Any man of culture would realize why this must be so.”

    Same thing with learning foreign language. If one wants to really understand a foreign philosopher, then of course one must learn the philosphe’s native tongue.

    But to learn it simply as a class signal? I suppose that has some utility…. though, signaling class is simply another wait of getting laid. “We must summer together!”

    So while I may be more overt about the utility of learning or not learning some things; I’m not any different.

    I mean…. This is the ultimate philosophical question: If I were to cut off your dick, would you live your life differently? Any man honest with himself would realize that he he almost certainly would.

  13. Paul Gowder Says:

    Right now Camus is doing loop-de-loops in the grave about that ultimate philosophical question.

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