yo no soy un touristo

More argentine observations:

I’m a lousy tourist.  I hate staring at faux-cultural shit and shopping, which is apparently what tourists do.  I like to live my life.  I’ve managed to negotiate a few free hours from my mother, which I am going to spend in a cafe somewhere reading Habermas and playing chess, or at the pool, that is, living my life. 

I’m generally a fan of PDA, but, Buenos Aires residents:  too much.  Really.  Every park bench for miles around last night at around 1am seemed to have a couple making out on it.  Aren’t you supposed to go home and actually have sex at some point?  I do hope you’re not all devout catholics, and this isn’t the most you do.  I shall have to inquire into this with my Argentine friends.  Because that won’t do at all, if I decide to spend next winter here. 

My spanish is turning from almost completely nonexistent to not-quite-almost completely nonexistent, just in a couple of days.  At this rate, should I decide to live here, I can probably get conversant in a winter.  That would be fun.  Maybe I can do B.A. dec-march, Paris march-jun, berlin Jun-Aug, NYC aug-oct in 09-10.  Who needs a fixed residence?


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  1. Paul Gowder Says:

    AND: everything is full of ads. Even the street signs have ads for cellphone companies. I suspect what I saw on the sides of photo displays at government house was a corporate logo. I see why all the graffiti is revolutionary marxist.

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