brief observations from b.a.

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Things are civilized here: most things go on into late into the night.  Except, for some estupido reason, the subway, which stops around ten.  WHY?

The cafe culture is also rather civilized.  I think I may live here next winter, say from dec. 1 to mar. 1, and work on my diss.  The cheaper rent will probably make up for the flight cost AND THEN SOME.  Could perhaps keep no fixed residence next year, also do some combination of NYC, Berlin, Paris.

If I live here I will have to take an argentine lover.  The women are ridiculously beautiful here — it’s actually quite good for my mental state, as fully 80% w/in the right age group are more attractive than the woman who screwed up my head recently. 

Unfortunately, the men are also almost universally better-looking than me.  Well, I’ve been planning to spend multiple-hours a day, every day, in the gym in 2009 anyway.  So, problem will be solved. 

The food is terrible.  Huge piles of meat, coffee and alcohol constantly, which would be fine taste-wise, but I don’t know how they survive, health-wise, especially since everyone is so skinny.  I suspect partly v. small portion sizes, partly exercise, and partly something like a minor version of the effects of the atkins diet.

Unfortunately, things are less than fine taste-wise too.  Apparently they like their food bland.  I will have to cook lots myself if I live here.  Tried italian food here last night — horrid, horrid. 


Also approve of intellectual culture.  Many many bookstores, which advertise their wares by subject area, e.g. one advertised itself as having philosophy, psychology, sociology, and what I took to mean novels.  Fabulous.  I saw a woman reading Aristotle’s poetics on the train.  (Photos of all of this to come.)


I also approve of the politics.  In the U.S., the graffiti is gang.  In Buenos Aires, it’s all marxist.    (Again, photos to come.)  Very marxist graffiti.  Fabulous.  I think I shall definitely have to spend next winter here unless the faculty universally start screaming at me.  (Also nice to switch winter and summer, long days.)


time almost up, off.


14 Responses to “brief observations from b.a.”

  1. ben wolfson Says:

    Argentina on two steaks a day is required reading.

  2. Paul Gowder Says:

    My god that is exactly 100% true in every way.

  3. Paul Gowder Says:

    Particularly: the fuckers do in fact put dulce de leche in everything. It makes culinary baby jesus cry.

  4. Mike Says:

    That looks like the most delicious place in the world.

  5. belle lettre Says:

    Wait, are you saying you don’t like dulce de leche? If so, that’s crazy talk.

  6. Paul Gowder Says:

    Dulce de leche is too much sugar plus pure unfiltered ick. It’s the Argentine equivalent of vegemite. I renounce and condemn it utterly.

    I do love this city — I saw some graffiti today (pictures of course forthcoming) making reference to Hakim Bey (!!!!!) — where else in the world does that happen? But the food is intolerable. Should I live here, I shall have to cook every meal.

    Exception: the submarino, which is basically hot chocolate cranked up to an extreme by melting actual chocolate bars in (steamed? boiled?) milk. Even that bears improvement, however — improvement on which I shall assiduously work upon my return.

  7. belle lettre Says:

    I don’t get how the meat can be that bad and bland, unless you have an extreme palate. Ben’s link made it all sound delicious. Is it the lack of salt or spice that bothers you? Can you just add the missing taste to the base food if so?

  8. Mike Says:

    Dulce de leche is fantastic. If you think otherwise, you are demon possessed. Get thee behind me, Satan!

    Speaking of Central American steak….. Have you eaten at Bossa Nova? It’s very good.

  9. Paul Gowder Says:

    The meat is good. Everything else is bad and bland. Even the meat is a little bland, but it´s cooked well enough that one doesn´t notice. One really does have to live on meat in this country.

    Mike, I´ve never even heard of Bossa Nova, except qua dance! In what city is it?

  10. belle lettre Says:

    I’ll admit that the wafer part of Argentinian alfajores cookies is lacking, but the dulce de leche center–at least, when I made a pot of it–mmmm! I am obsessed with homemade caramel. I am planning on making TD fleur de sel caramels and toffee when I get back.

    I can imagine living on meat for a while, if the meat’s good. But yeah, if you, like me, prefer the complex spices and flavors of Indian and Middle Eastern food, then you can’t live on steak alone.

  11. Mike Says:

    Bossa Nova is a Brazilian restaurant in L.A. Great meat.

  12. Paul Gowder Says:

    I practically live on middle eastern food. I´ve been recently eating two meals a day at a joint called mediterranean wraps. Lentil soup and falafel as brunch, shawerma for dinner: cheap, healthy and delicious.

  13. Daniel Goldberg Says:

    Middle Eastern food is the greatest cuisine there is. In particular, Turkish food. To quote Kramer, I would eat Turkish food out of a dumpster. I (try to) cook it, too.

  14. Alberto Levin (Bs Aires) Says:

    A modern and fast way to make Dulce de Leche:
    Boil a can (small) of Concentrated Milk (do not open) for about an hour.
    As simple as that. Let it cool and open ! Voile!!!

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